Kubetools - A Curated List of Kubernetes Tools

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There are more than 500+ Kubernetes Certified Service Providers and tons of Kubernetes Certified distributions. Choosing a right distribution can be a daunting task. Kubetools is built with a purpose to build a curated list of popular Kubernetes tools. It is actively maintained by Collabnix Slack Community.

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Table of Contents


Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 kubetail Bash script to tail Kubernetes logs from multiple pods at the same time Github Stars
2 kube-s3 Kubernetes pods used shared S3 storage Github Stars
3 kubectl-ports-rs A kubectl krew plugin to provide a list of exposed ports on kubernetes Pod resources Github Stars

Cluster Management

Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 Monokle Desktop unified visual tool for authoring, analysis and deployment of Kubernetes configurations Github Stars
2 kops Production Grade K8s Installation, Upgrades, and Management Github Stars
3 silver-surfer Check ApiVersion compatibility and provide Migration path for Kubernetes objects when upgrading Kubernetes to latest versions Github Stars
4 Kube-ops-view Kubernetes Operational View - read-only system dashboard for multiple K8s clusters Github Stars
5 kubeprompt Kubernetes prompt info Github Stars
6 Metalk8s An opinionated Kubernetes distribution with a focus on long-term on-prem deployments Github Stars
7 kind Kubernetes IN Docker - local clusters for testing Kubernetes Github Stars
8 Clusterman Cluster Autoscaler for Kubernetes and Mesos Github Stars
9 Cert-manager Automatically provision and manage TLS certificates Github Stars
10 Goldilocks Get your resource requests “Just Right” Github Stars
11 katafygio Dump, or continuously backup Kubernetes objets as yaml files in git Github Stars
12 Rancher Complete container management platform Github Stars
13 Sealed Secrets A Kubernetes controller and tool for one-way encrypted Secrets Github Stars
14 OpenKruise/Kruise Automate application workloads management on Kubernetes https://openkruise.io Github Stars
15 kubectl snapshot Take Cluster Snapshots Github Stars
16 kapp simple deployment tool focused on the concept of “Kubernetes application” — a set of resources with the same label https://get-kapp.io Github Stars
17 KEDA Event-driven autoscaler for Kubernetes Github Stars
18 Octant To better understand the complexity of Kubernetes clusters Github Stars
19 Portainer Portainer inside a Kubernetes environment Github Stars
20 Gardener Deliver fully-managed clusters at scale everywhere with your own Kubernetes-as-a-Service -
21 xlskubectl xlskubectl — a spreadsheet to control your Kubernetes cluster Github Stars
22 Kubefirst Fully-automated OSS delivery & infrastructure management gitops platforms Github Stars
23 Kamaji Build and operate Kubernetes at scale with a fraction of operational burden Github Stars
24 kustomizer An experimental package manager for distributing Kubernetes configuration as OCI artifacts Github Stars
25 Kudo declarative approach to building production-grade Kubernetes Operators Github Stars
26 node-problem-detector This is a place for various problem detectors running on the Kubernetes nodes Github Stars
27 k0s k0s is an all-inclusive Kubernetes distribution, which is configured with all of the features needed to build a Kubernetes cluster and packaged as a single binary for ease of use GitHub Stars
28 k0smotron Deploy and run Kubernetes control planes powered by k0s on any existing cluster GitHub Stars
29 ClusterPedia The Encyclopedia of Kubernetes clusters Github Stars
30 kubean 🌱 Kubernetes lifecycle management operator based on kubespray. Github Stars
31 punq Self-hosted Kubernetes workload manager with team collaboration Github Stars
32 Claudie Deploy and operate Kubernetes clusters with each nodepool in a different provider or on-prem Github Stars
33 Kubemarine Management tool for Kubernetes cluster deployment and maintenance Github Stars
34 k8s-duplicator Kubernetes controller that copies secrets into other namespaces Github Stars
35 KubeStellar a flexible solution for challenges associated with multi-cluster configuration management for edge, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud Github Stars
36 Trolley Trolley is a multi cloud Kubernetes management system Github Stars
37 Cyclops a powerful user interface for managing and interacting with Kubernetes clusters Github Stars
38 Liqo an open-source project that enables dynamic and seamless Kubernetes multi-cluster topologies, supporting heterogeneous on-premise, cloud and edge infrastructures Github Stars
39 Guard 🔑 Kubernetes Authentication & Authorization WebHook Server Github Stars
40 Meshery Meshery is a Multi-cluster management tool for Kubernetes and Clouds Github Stars
41 cluster-template A template for deploying a Kubernetes cluster with k3s or Talos Github Stars
42 vCluster Create fully functional virtual Kubernetes clusters - Each vcluster runs inside a namespace of the underlying k8s cluster. It’s cheaper than creating separate full-blown clusters and it offers better multi-tenancy and isolation than regular namespaces. Github Stars
43 KindScaler Node Management for KinD Clusters. Modify the KinD cluster configuration by adding or removing nodes, whether they are control-planes or workers, without regenerating it from scratch. Github Stars
44 buoy A declarative Kubernetes dashboard in your terminal Github Stars
45 Glasskube Glasskube is a Kubernetes package manager that lets you install apps via an easy-to-use web interface or CLI Github Stars

Cluster with Core CLI tools

Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 Bootkube bootkube - Launch a self-hosted Kubernetes cluster Github Stars
2 kubectx + kubens Switch faster between clusters and namespaces in kubectl Github Stars
3 kube-shell Kubernetes shell: An integrated shell for working with the Kubernetes Github Stars
4 kuttle: kubectl wrapper for sshuttle without SSH Kubernetes wrapper for sshuttle Github Stars
5 kubectl sudo Run kubernetes commands with the security privileges of another user Github Stars
6 K9s Kubernetes CLI To Manage Your Clusters In Style! Github Stars
7 Ktunnel A cli that exposes your local resources to kubernetes Github Stars
8 KubeOperator Run kubectl command in Web Browser. https://kubeoperator.io/ Github Stars
9 Vimkubectl Manage any Kubernetes resource from Vim https://www.vim.org/scripts/script.ph Github Stars
10 KubeHelper KubeHelper - simplifies many daily Kubernetes cluster tasks through a web interface. Github Stars
11 kubecolor colorizes kubectl output Github Stars
12 Krew Krew is the package manager for kubectl plugins Github Stars
13 Kueue Kueue is a set of APIs and controller for job queueing Github Stars
14 fubectl Reduces repetitive interactions with kubectl Github Stars
15 kube-ps1 Kubernetes prompt for bash and zsh Github Stars
16 Conftest Write tests against structured configuration data using the Open Policy Agent Rego query language Github Stars
17 Kube-capacity A CLI that provides an overview of the resource requests, limits, and utilization in a k8s cluster Github Stars
18 Karpenter Kubernetes Node Autoscaler built for flexibility, performance, and simplicity Github Stars
19 Autoscaler autoscaler Autoscaling components for Kubernetes Github Stars
20 Kured Kubernetes Reboot Daemon Github Stars
21 Kube-prompt An interactive kubernetes client featuring auto-complete Github Stars
22 Click Command Line Interactive Controller for Kubernetes Github Stars
23 Kubie A more powerful alternative to kubectx and kubens Github Stars
24 Pluto A cli tool to help discover deprecated apiVersions in Kubernetes Github Stars
25 ksync Sync files between your local system and a kubernetes cluster Github Stars
26 fleet Manage large fleets of Kubernetes clusters Github Stars
27 stash Backup your Kubernetes Stateful Applications Github Stars
28 Finch The Finch CLI an open source client for container development Github Stars
29 KubeView Kubernetes cluster visualiser and graphical explorer Github Stars
30 Descheduler Descheduler for Kubernetes Github Stars
31 cloudtty A Friendly Kubernetes CloudShell (Web Terminal) ! Github Stars
32 kor A Tool to discover unused Kubernetes Resources Github Stars
33 Kubernetes Image Puller Caching images on a cluster by creating a DaemonSet downloading and running the container images on each node Github Stars
34 image-builder A tool for building Kubernetes virtual machine images across multiple infrastructure providers. Github Stars

Alert and Monitoring

Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 Thanos Highly available Prometheus setup with long term storage capabilities. CNCF Sandbox project. https://thanos.io Github Stars
2 Prometheus The Prometheus monitoring system and time series database. Github Stars
3 Grafana The tool for beautiful monitoring and metric analytics & dashboards for Graphite, InfluxDB & Prometheus & More Github Stars
4 Kubetail Bash script to tail Kubernetes logs from multiple pods at the same time Github Stars
5 Searchlight Alerts for Kubernetes Github Stars
6 linkerd2 Monitoring Mixin for Grafana Grafana dashboards for linkerd2 monitoring and can work in standalone (default) or in multi cluster setup Github Stars
7 kuberhaus Kubernetes resource dashboard with node/pod layout and resource requests Github Stars
8 Kubernetes Job/CronJob Notifier This tool sends an alert to slack whenever there is a Kubernetes cronJob/Job failure/success Github Stars
9 Argus This tool monitors changes in the filesystem on specified paths -
10 Kube-Scout Scout for alarming issues across your Kubernetes clusters Github Stars
11 Kwatch monitor & detect crashes in your Kubernetes(K8s) cluster instantly Github Stars
12 Scope Monitoring, visualisation & management for Docker & Kubernetes Github Stars
13 Kubeshark TCPDump and Wireshark re-invented for Kubernetes Github Stars
14 Ksniff Kubectl plugin to ease sniffing on kubernetes pods using tcpdump and wireshark Github Stars
15 Kube-Prometheus-Top [ kptop ] Monitoring for Kubernetes Nodes, Pods, Containers, and PVCs resources on the terminal through Prometheus metircs Github Stars
16 ktop A top-like tool for your Kubernetes clusters Github Stars
17 Kuberhealthy A Kubernetes operator for running synthetic checks as pods. Works great with Prometheus! Github Stars
18 kurt A Kubernetes plugin that gives context to what is restarting in your Kubernetes cluster Github Stars
19 KlusterView Get instant insights on your Kubernetes clusters with our lightweight, plug-and-play performance monitoring tool Github Stars
20 X.509 Certificate Exporter Watch certificates for expiration in Kubernetes Secrets and control-plane files. Alerts and dashboard available. Github Stars
21 VpK VpK - Visually presented Kubernetes View k8s in graphical fashion Github Stars
22 k8s-collector A Kubernetes Job to collect resources, logs and events from a Kubernetes cluster Github Stars

Logging and Tracing

Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 Jaeger CNCF Jaeger, a Distributed Tracing Platform Github Stars
2 Kiali Kiali project, observability for the Istio service mesh Github Stars
3 ELK Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana Github Stars
4 fluentbit Fast and Lightweight Log processor and forwarder for Linux, BSD and OSX Github Stars
5 Loki Like Prometheus, but for logs Github Stars
6 kubectl-mtail tail logs from multiple pods matching label selector Github Stars
7 k8spacket packets traffic visualization for kubernetes Github Stars
8 goldpinger Debugging tool for Kubernetes which tests and displays connectivity between nodes in the cluster Github Stars
9 Otterize network mapper Map Kubernetes in-cluster traffic and export as text, intents, or an image Github Stars
10 kube-audit-rest Kubernetes audit logging, when you don’t control the control plane Github Stars
11 kail kubernetes log viewer Github Stars
12 network mapper Map Kubernetes in-cluster traffic and export as text, intents, or an image Github Stars
13 retina eBPF distributed networking observability tool for Kubernetes. Github Stars

Troubleshooting / Debugging

Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 Monokle Desktop unified visual tool for authoring, analysis and deployment of Kubernetes configurations Github Stars
2 Kubectl-debug Allows you to run a new container with all the troubleshooting tools installed in running pod for debugging purposed Github Stars
3 PowerfulSeal A powerful testing tool for Kubernetes clustersd Github Stars
4 Crash-diagnostic Crash-Diagnostics is a tool to help investigate, analyze, and troubleshoot unresponsive or crashed Kubernetes clustersd Github Stars
5 K9s Kubernetes CLI To Manage Your Clusters In Style!d Github Stars
6 Kubernetes CLI Plugin - Doctor kubectl cluster triage plugin for k8s - 🏥 (brew doctor equivalent)d Github Stars
7 Knative Inspect A light-weight debugging tool for Knative’s system componentsd Github Stars
8 Kubeman To find information from Kubernetes clusters, and to investigate issues related to Kubernetes and Istiod Github Stars
9 kpexec kpexec is a kubernetes cli that runs commands in a container with high privileges Github Stars
10 Koolkits 🧰 Opinionated, language-specific, batteries-included debug container images for Kubernetes Github Stars
11 kubespy pod debugging tool for kubernetes clusters with docker runtimes Github Stars
12 Inspektor Gadget A collection of eBPF-based tools to debug and inspect Kubernetes resources and applications Github Stars
13 KubeSkoop kubernetes networking diagnose tool for different CNI plug-ins and IAAS providers Github Stars
14 kubent Easily check your clusters for use of deprecated APIs Github Stars
15 kftray A cross-platform system tray application for managing multiple kubectl port-forward commands, with support for UDP and proxy connections through k8s clusters Github Stars

Developement Tools/Kit

Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 Okteto: A Tool for Cloud Native Developers Build better applications by developing and testing your code directly in Kubernetes Github Stars
2 Tilt: Tilt manages local development instances for teams that deploy to Kubernetes Local Kubernetes development with no stress Github Stars
3 Garden: Kubernetes from source to finish Development orchestrator for Kubernetes, containers and functions. Github Stars
4 KuberNix Single dependency Kubernetes clusters for local testing, experimenting and development Github Stars
5 Copper A configuration file validator for Kubernetes Github Stars
6 ko Build and deploy Go applications on Kubernetes Github Stars
7 Dekorate Java annotation processors for Kubernetes Github Stars
8 Lens IDE A powerful interface and toolkit for managing, visualizing, and interacting with multiple Kubernetes clusters -
9 Kosko Organize Kubernetes manifests in JavaScript -
10 Telepresence Fast, local development for Kubernetes and Openshift microservices -
11 Monokle Desktop unified visual tool for authoring, analysis and deployment of Kubernetes configurations Github Stars
12 KuberEz Graphical modeling tool for Kubernetes manifest Github Stars
13 mirrord Run your local process in the context of your cloud cluster Github Stars
14 Aptakube A modern, lightweight and multi-cluster desktop client for Kubernetes -
15 Kubes Kubernetes App Deploy Tool: build docker image, compile Kubernetes YAML files, and apply them Github Stars
16 Kaniko Build Container Images In Kubernetes Github Stars
17 Python client for kuberenetes Official Python client library for kubernetes Github Stars
18 eclipse che IDE for k8s The Kubernetes-Native IDE for Developer Teams Github Stars
19 Kubebuilder SDK for building Kubernetes APIs using CRDs Github Stars
20 Operator-sdk SDK for building Kubernetes applications. Provides high level APIs, useful abstractions, and project scaffolding Github Stars
21 cdk8s Kubernetes native apps and abstractions using object-oriented programming Github Stars
22 Gitkube Build and deploy docker images to Kubernetes using git push Github Stars
23 Arkade Open Source Marketplace For Kubernetes Github Stars
24 k2tf k2tf - Kubernetes YAML to Terraform HCL converters Github Stars
25 Terraformer CLI tool to generate terraform files from existing infrastructure (reverse Terraform). Infrastructure to Code Github Stars
26 Atomix A Kubernetes toolkit for building distributed applications using cloud native principles Github Stars
27 Brigade Event-driven scripting for Kubernetes Github Stars
28 Spread Docker to Kubernetes in one command Github Stars
29 Kompose convert docker compose to kubernetes resources Github Stars
30 Helmfile Declaratively deploy your Kubernetes manifests, Kustomize configs, and Charts as Helm releases. Generate all-in-one manifests for use with ArgoCD. Github Stars
31 validkube ValidKube combines the best open-source tools to help ensure Kubernetes YAML best practices, hygiene & security. Github Stars
32 Config Syncer Config Syncer by AppsCode keeps ConfigMaps and Secrets synchronized across namespaces and/or clusters. Github Stars
33 Gefyra Gefyra: Blazingly-fast, rock-solid, local application development with Kubernetes Github Stars
34 Kubernetes ConfigMap Reload Simple binary to trigger a reload when a Kubernetes ConfigMap is updated Github Stars
35 RELOADER A Kubernetes controller to watch changes in ConfigMap and Secrets and do rolling upgrades on Pods Github Stars
36 Ingress Monitor Controller A Kubernetes controller to watch ingresses and create liveness alerts for your apps/microservices in UptimeRobot, StatusCake, Pingdom, etc Github Stars
37 odo Developer-focused CLI for fast & iterative application development on Kubernetes and Podman Github Stars
38 configmap-reload Simple binary to trigger a reload when a Kubernetes ConfigMap is updated Github Stars
39 k8tz Kubernetes admission controller and a CLI tool to inject timezones into Pods and CronJobs Github Stars
40 KDash A simple and fast dashboard for Kubernetes Github Stars
41 DevSpace An open-source developer tool for Kubernetes that lets you develop and deploy cloud-native software faster Github Stars
42 K8Studio K8 Studio is a cross-platform client IDE to manage Kubernetes Clusters Github Stars
43 Radius Radius is a cloud-native, portable application platform that makes app development easier for teams building cloud-native apps Github Stars
44 Kubefirst The Kubefirst CLI creates instant GitOps platforms that integrate some of the best tools in cloud native from scratch in minutes Github Stars
45 k’exp Understand Kubernetes - the visual way Not yet another attempt to manage production clusters in the browser Github Stars
46 k8s-insider A zero-config way to access you kubernetes cluster network Github Stars
47 Cyclops Developer friendly Kubernetes 👁️ Github Stars
48 Sablier Start your containers on demand, shut them down automatically when there’s no activity. Github Stars
49 kronic The simple Kubernetes CronJob Admin UI Github Stars
50 Kor A Golang Tool to discover unused Kubernetes Resources Github Stars
51 Docketeer Docketeer is a developer-friendly application that provides a single interface for container and network management as well as metric visualization. Github Stars
52 Helmify Creates Helm chart from Kubernetes yaml Github Stars
53 Kueue Kubernetes-native Job Queueing Github Stars
54 Reckoner Declaratively install and manage multiple Helm chart releases Github Stars
55 Katenary Convert docker-compose to a configurable helm chart Github Stars
56 kubernetes-replicator Kubernetes controller for synchronizing secrets & config maps across namespaces Github Stars
57 node-gizmo A CLI utility for your Kubernetes nodes Github Stars
58 KubeBlocks open-source control plane that runs and manages databases, message queues and other data infrastructure on K8s. Github Stars
59 KFtray Manage and run multiple kubectl port-forward configurations directly in the menu bar, syncing configurations with git repositories. Github Stars
60 Tilt Define your dev environment as code. For microservice apps on Kubernetes. Github Stars
61 Garden Automation for Kubernetes development and testing. Spin up production-like environments for development, testing, and CI on demand. Github Stars
62 Kubectl-fields A Kubernetes resources hierarchy parsing tool. Github Stars
63 sleepcycles Define sleep & wake up cycles for your Kubernetes resources. Github Stars
64 scaf scaf provides developers and DevOps engineers with a complete blueprint for a new project using Kubernetes . Github Stars
65 KubePug Deprecations AKA KubePug - Pre UpGrade (Checker) Github Stars
66 scaf scaf provides developers and DevOps engineers with a complete blueprint for a new project using Kubernetes Github Stars

Alternative Tools for Development

Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 Minikube minikube implements a local Kubernetes clusterd Github Stars
2 KubeSphere Easy-to-use Production Ready Container Platform https://kubesphere.io Github Stars
3 skippbox A Desktop application for k8sd Github Stars
4 kind Kubernetes IN Docker - local clusters for testing Kubernetes https://kind.sigs.k8s.io/d Github Stars
5 k3d k3d is a lightweight wrapper to run k3s (Rancher Lab’s minimal Kubernetes distribution) in docker.d -
6 Systemk: virtual kubelet for systemd Systemk is a systemd backend for the virtual-kubelet. Instead of starting containers, you start systemd units Github Stars
7 mokbox Build verifiably conformant multi-node kubernetes clusters in containers Github Stars
8 Otomi Self-hosted PaaS for Kubernetes Github Stars
9 Rainbond offers a serverless experience, and allows you to easily manage containerized applications without needing to understand Kubernetes Github Stars
10 MyKube k8s-installer - One-click k8s single-node cluster installation on your own device Github Stars

CI/CD integration Tools

Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 HybridK8s Droid Intelligence foor your favourite Delivery Platform -
2 Devtron Software Delivery Workflow for Kubernetes Github Stars
3 Skaffold Easy and Repeatable Kubernetes Development Github Stars
4 Apollo Apollo - The logz.io continuous deployment solution over kubernetes Github Stars
5 Helm Cabin Web UI that visualizes Helm releases in a Kubernetes cluster Github Stars
6 flagger Progressive delivery Kubernetes operator (Canary, A/B Testing and Blue/Green deployments) Github Stars
7 Kubeform Kubernetes CRDs for Terraform providers https://kubeform.com Github Stars
8 Spinnaker Spinnaker is an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence. http://www.spinnaker.io/ Github Stars
9 werf GitOps tool to deliver apps to Kubernetes and integrate this process with GitLab and other CI tools Github Stars
10 Flux GitOps Kubernetes operator Github Stars
11 Argo CD Declarative continuous deployment for Kubernetes Github Stars
12 Tekton A cloud native continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) solution Github Stars
13 Jenkins X Jenkins X provides automated CI+CD for Kubernetes with Preview Environments on Pull Requests using Tekton, Knative, Lighthouse, Skaffold and Helm Github Stars
14 Drone Drone is a Container-Native, Continuous Delivery Platform Github Stars
15 Helmwave Helmwave is helm3-native tool for deploy your Helm Charts Github Stars
16 Helmsman Helm Charts as Code Github Stars
17 PipeCD The One CD for All {applications, platforms, operations} Github Stars
18 Kluctl Kluctl implements templated declarative Kubernetes deployments, supporting push (CLI) and pull (kluctl-controller) based GitOps from the same source Github Stars
19 kubedog Library to watch and follow kubernetes resources in CI/CD deploy pipelines Github Stars
20 Kubefirst GitOps Infrastructure & Application Delivery Platform Github Stars
21 autoapply Automatically apply changes to a Kubernetes cluster Github Stars

Security Tools

Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 Kubevious CLI Prevent cross-manifest errors and violations of best practicees in YAML files, Helm Charts and Kubernetes clusters Github Stars
2 TerraScan Detect compliance and security violations across Infrastructure as Code to mitigate risk before provisioning cloud native infrastructure. Github Stars
3 klum Kubernetes Lazy User Manager Github Stars
4 kube2iam IAM credentials to containers running inside a kubernetes cluster based on annotations. Github Stars
5 Kyverno Kubernetes Native Policy Management https://kyverno.io Github Stars
6 kiosk kiosk office Multi-Tenancy Extension For Kubernetes - Secure Cluster Sharing & Self-Service Namespace Provisioning Github Stars
7 kube-bench CIS Kubernetes Benchmark tool Github Stars
8 kube-hunter Pentesting tool - Hunts for security weaknesses in Kubernetes clusters Github Stars
9 kube-who-can Show who has RBAC permissions to perform actions on different resources in Kubernetes Github Stars
10 starboard Kubernetes-native security toolkit Github Stars
11 Simulator Kubernetes Security Training Platform - Focussing on security mitigation Github Stars
12 RBAC Lookup Easily find roles and cluster roles attached to any user, service account, or group name in your Kubernetes cluster https://fairwinds.com Github Stars
13 Kubeaudit kubeaudit helps you audit your Kubernetes clusters against common security controls Github Stars
14 Gangway An application that can be used to easily enable authentication flows via OIDC for a kubernetes cluster Github Stars
15 Audit2rbac Autogenerate RBAC policies based on Kubernetes audit logs Github Stars
16 Chartsec Helm Chart security scanner Github Stars
17 kubestriker Security Auditing tool Github Stars
18 Datree CLI tool to prevent K8s misconfigurations by ensuring that manifests and Helm charts follow best practices as well as your organization’s policies Github Stars
19 Krane Kubernetes RBAC static Analysis & visualisation tool Github Stars
20 Falco The Falco Project - Cloud-Native runtime security -
21 Clair Vulnerability Static Analysis for Containers Github Stars
22 M9sweeper Complete Kubernetes Security Platform Github Stars
23 Trivy Find vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, secrets, SBOM in Kubernetes Github Stars
24 kubesec Security risk analysis for Kubernetes resources Github Stars
25 Vault-k8s First-class support for Vault and Kubernetes Github Stars
26 Hardeneks Runs checks to see if an EKS cluster follows EKS Best Practices. Github Stars
27 Hubble Network, Service & Security Observability for Kubernetes using eBPF Github Stars
28 Kubeval Validate your Kubernetes configuration files, supports multiple Kubernetes versions Github Stars
29 Paralus Paralus enables controlled, audited access to Kubernetes infrastructure and Zero trust Kubernetes with zero friction. Github Stars
30 Peirates Kubernetes Penetration Testing tool Github Stars
31 Kubectl-kubesec Security risk analysis for Kubernetes resources Github Stars
32 jsPolicy jsPolicy is a policy engine for Kubernetes that allows you to write policies in JavaScript or TypeScript -
33 Netchecks Set of tools for testing network conditions and asserting that they are as expected. Github Stars
34 KubeLinter KubeLinter is a static analysis tool that checks Kubernetes YAML files and Helm charts to ensure the applications represented in them adhere to best practices Github Stars
35 IceKube IceKube is a tool to help find attack paths within a Kubernetes cluster from a low privileged point, to a preferred location, typically cluster-admin Github Stars
36 kube-rebac-authorizer Beyond RBAC: Implementing Relation-based Access Control for Kubernetes with OpenFGA Github Stars
37 MTKPI 🧰 Multi Tool Kubernetes Pentest Image Github Stars
38 KubeZoo a lightweight kubernetes multi-tenancy gateway Github Stars
39 kubectl-modify-secrets allows user to directly modify the secret without worrying about base64 encoding/decoding Github Stars
40 rbac-tool Rapid7 insightCloudSec Kubernetes RBAC Power Toys - Visualize, Analyze, Generate & Query Github Stars
41 KubeClarity KubeClarity is a tool for detection and management of Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM) and vulnerabilities of container images and filesystems. Github Stars
42 MKAT All-in-one auditing toolkit for identifying common security issues in managed Kubernetes environments. Currently supports Amazon EKS Github Stars

Network Policies

Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 Calico Cloud native connectivity and network policy Github Stars
2 kokotap Tools for kubernetes pod network tapping Github Stars
3 Submariner Connect all your Kubernetes clusters, no matter where they are in the world Github Stars
4 egress-operator An operator to produce egress gateway pods and control access to them with network policies Github Stars
5 kubefwd (Kube Forward) Bulk port forwarding Kubernetes services for local development Github Stars
6 Kilo (k8s + wg) A multi-cloud network overlay built on WireGuard and designed for Kubernetes Github Stars
7 Cilium eBPF-based Networking, Security, and Observability Github Stars
8 MetalLB MetalLB is a load-balancer implementation for bare metal Kubernetes clusters, using standard routing protocols GitHub Stars
9 Spiderpool underlay network solution of cloud native, for bare metal, VM and public cloud Github Stars
10 LoxiLB eBPF based cloud-native load-balancer. Powering K8s,Edge,5G,IoT,XaaS Apps Github Stars
11 submariner Networking component for interconnecting Pods and Services across Kubernetes clusters Github Stars
12 netfetch Scan k8s clusters for network policies and identifying unprotected workloads. Github Stars
13 Network Policy API A further work involving Kubernetes network security beyond the NetworkPolicy v1 resource. Github Stars
14 KubeIP Assign static public IPs to Kubernetes nodes (GKE, EKS) Github Stars

Testing Tools

Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 Testkube Kubernetes-native testing framework for testers and developers Github Stars
2 k6d A modern load testing tool, using Go and JavaScript Github Stars
3 Network bandwith and load testingd - Test suite for Kubernetes Github Stars
4 test-infrad Test infrastructure for the Kubernetes project Github Stars
5 kube-scored Kubernetes object analysis with recommendations for improved reliability and security Github Stars
6 Litmusd Cloud-Native Chaos Engineering; Kubernetes-Native Chaos Engineering; Chaos Engineering for Kubernetes Github Stars
7 PowerfulSeald A powerful testing tool for Kubernetes clusters Github Stars
8 kube-burnerd Kube-burner is a tool aimed at stressing kubernetes clusters -
9 Tracetest Generate end-to-end and integration tests automatically from your OpenTelemetry traces Github Stars
10 Microcks Kubernetes native tool for mocking and testing API and micro-services Github Stars
11 KWOK Kubernetes WithOut Kubelet - Simulates thousands of Nodes and Clusters. Github Stars
12 Keploy Open source Tool for converting user-traffic to Test Cases and Data Stubs. Github Stars
13 Netchecks Tool to validate assumptions about the network Github Stars
14 Nighthawk Nighthawk is Layer5’s versatile HTTP load tester. Drills deep with constant & adaptive rates, revealing performance insights Github Stars
15 perf-tests Performance tests and benchmarks Github Stars

Service Mesh

Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 Istio Connect, secure, control, and observe services Github Stars
2 Traefik The Cloud Native Edge Router Github Stars
3 NGINX Ingress Controller NGINX and NGINX Plus Ingress Controllers for Kubernetes Github Stars
5 linkerd-config A Kubernetes controller that knows how to reconcile the Linkerd configuration Github Stars
6 Kong Kong for Kubernetes: the official Ingress Controller for Kubernetes Github Stars
7 OSM Open Service Mesh (OSM) is a lightweight, extensible, cloud native service mesh Github Stars
8 Gloo Mesh The Service Mesh Orchestration Platform Github Stars
9 APISIX Apache APISIX is a dynamic, real-time, high-performance API gateway. Github Stars
10 Contour High performance ingress controller for Kubernetes -
11 Kusk Gateway OpenAPI-driven Ingress Controller for Kubernetes -
12 MerBridge Use eBPF to speed up your Service Mesh like crossing an Einstein-Rosen Bridge. Github Stars


Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 Kubespy Tools for observing Kubernetes resources in real time Github Stars
2 Popeye A Kubernetes cluster resource sanitizer Github Stars
3 Stern Multi pod and container log tailing for Kubernetes Github Stars
4 Cri-tools CLI and validation tools for Kubelet Container Runtime Interface (CRI) Github Stars
5 Kubebox Terminal and Web console for Kubernetes Github Stars
6 Kubewatch Watch k8s events and trigger Handlers Github Stars
7 kube-state-metrics Add-on agent to generate and expose cluster-level metrics Github Stars
8 Sloop Kubernetes History Visualization Github Stars
9 kubectl tree 🎄 Kubectl plugin to observe object hierarchies through ownerReferences Github Stars
10 chaoskube chaoskube periodically kills random pods in your Kubernetes cluster Github Stars
11 BotKube Helps you monitor your Kubernetes cluster(s), debug critical deployments and gives recommendations for standard practices -
12 Kubestone Kubestone is a benchmarking Operator that can evaluate the performance of Kubernetes installations -
13 Chaos Mesh A Chaos Engineering Platform for Kubernetes Github Stars
14 Lemur LEMUR: Observability and Context Github Stars
15 kubernetes-event-exporter Export Kubernetes events to multiple destinations with routing and filtering Github Stars
16 Kubevious Kubevious is an app-centric assurance, validation, and introspection platform for Kubernetes -
17 OpenTelemetry High-quality, ubiquitous, and portable telemetry to enable effective observability -
18 Grafana Tempo Grafana Tempo is a high volume, minimal dependency distributed tracing backend Github Stars
19 Tracetest Generate end-to-end and integration tests automatically from your OpenTelemetry traces Github Stars
20 Pumba Chaos testing, network emulation, and stress testing tool for containers Github Stars
21 Robusta Kubernetes observability and automation, with an awesome Prometheus integration Github Stars
22 kubeinvaders Gamified Chaos Engineering Tool for Kubernetes Github Stars
23 Headlamp An easy-to-use and extensible web UI for Kubernetes Github Stars

Machine Learning/Deep Learning

Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 Nos nos is an open-source platform to efficiently run AI workloads on Kubernetes, increasing GPU utilization and reducing infrastructure and operational costs Github Stars
2 Kubeflow Machine Learning Toolkit for Kubernetes Github Stars
3 Volcano A Kubernetes Native Batch System Github Stars

Compute Edge Tools

Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 KubeEdge Kubernetes Native Edge Computing Framework Github Stars
2 OpenYurt Extending your native Kubernetes to edge Github Stars
3 Akri A Kubernetes Resource Interface for the Edge Github Stars
4 SuperEdge An edge-native container management system for edge computing Github Stars
5 Keylime A CNCF Project to Bootstrap & Maintain Trust on the Edge / Cloud and IoT Github Stars
6 Microk8s A small, fast, single-package Kubernetes for developers, IoT and edge Github Stars
7 Shifu Kubernetes native IoT software development framework Github Stars
8 kairos The immutable Linux meta-distribution for edge Kubernetes Github Stars

Kubernetes Tools for Specific Cloud

Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 Kubernetes on AWS (kube-aws) A command-line tool to declaratively manage Kubernetes clusters on AWS Github Stars
2 Draft: Streamlined Kubernetes Development A tool for developers to create cloud-native applications on Kubernetes Github Stars
3 helm-ssm A low dependency tool for retrieving and injecting secrets from AWS SSM into Helm Github Stars
4 Skupper Multicloud communication for Kubernetes -
5 AWS workshop for kubernetes AWS workshop for kubernetes Github Stars
6 Sealos A Kubernetes distribution, a general-purpose Cloud Operating System designed for managing cloud-native applications Github Stars
7 Porter Kubernetes-powered PaaS that runs in your own cloud. Github Stars
8 Kubicorn Create, manage, snapshot, and scale Kubernetes infrastructure in the public cloud Github Stars
9 eksdemo The easy button for learning, testing and demoing Amazon EKS Github Stars

Storage Providers

Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 ChubaoFS distributed file system and object storage Github Stars
2 Longhorn Cloud-Native distributed block storage built on and for Kubernetes Github Stars
3 OpenEBS Kubernetes native - hyperconverged block storage with multiple storage engines Github Stars
4 Rook Storage Orchestration for Kubernetes Github Stars
5 SeaweedFS Distributed file system supports read-write many volumes Github Stars
6 TiKV Distributed transactional key-value database Github Stars
7 TopoLVM Capacity-aware CSI plugin for Kubernetes Github Stars
8 velero Backup and migrate Kubernetes applications and their persistent volumes Github Stars
9 Vitess Vitess is a database clustering system for horizontal scaling of MySQL Github Stars
10 kaDalu A lightweight Persistent storage solution for Kubernetes / OpenShift using GlusterFS in background Github Stars
11 hwameistor Hwameistor is an HA local storage system for cloud-native stateful workloads. Github Stars
11 simplyblock Simplyblock is a distributed block storage engine for Kubernetes persistent volumes -

Backup Tools

Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 Stash 🛅 Backup your Kubernetes Stateful Applications Github Stars
2 kube-dump Backup a Kubernetes cluster as a yaml manifest Github Stars
3 VolSync Asynchronous data replication for Kubernetes volumes Github Stars
4 Reflector Custom Kubernetes controller that can be used to replicate secrets, configmaps and certificates. Github Stars
5 SnapScheduler Scheduled snapshots for Kubernetes persistent volumes. Github Stars
6 K8up Backup Operator K8up is a Kubernetes backup operator based on Restic that will handle PVC and application backups on a Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster Github Stars

Multiple Tools Repo

Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 Chaos Toolkit Kubernetes Support Kubernetes driver extension of the Chaos Toolkit probes and actions API Github Stars
2 k14s Kubernetes Tools that follow Unix philosophy to be simple and composable Github Stars
3 Pulumi Pulumi - Modern Infrastructure as Code. Any cloud, any language. Give your team cloud superpowers rocket https://www.pulumi.com Github Stars
4 Gvisor Application Kernel for Containers Github Stars
5 Colima Container runtimes on macOS (and Linux) with minimal setup Github Stars
6 Krateo Platformops Open source platform to manage infrastructure, resources and applications via YAML files Github Stars
7 Kamus An open source, git-ops, zero-trust secret encryption and decryption solution for Kubernetes applications Github Stars
8 korb Move Kubernetes PVCs between Storage Classes and Namespaces Github Stars

Cost Optimisation

Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 Kubecost Cross-cloud cost allocation models for workloads running on Kubernetes Github Stars
2 PerfectScale Reduce Kubernetes costs while improving performance and resilience with data-driven intelligence built for continuous optimization -
3 OpenCost OpenCost — your favorite open source cost monitoring tool for Kubernetes Github Stars
4 kube-green kube-green is a simple k8s addon that automatically shuts down (some of) your resources when you don’t need them Github Stars
5 kepler Kepler (Kubernetes-based Efficient Power Level Exporter) uses eBPF to probe performance counters and other system stats, use ML models to estimate workload energy consumption based on these stats, and exports them as Prometheus metrics Github Stars
6 KBOM KBOM - Kubernetes Bill of Materials Github Stars

Function as a Service FaaS

Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 Knative Serving Kubernetes-based, scale-to-zero, request-driven compute Github Stars
2 OpenFaaS OpenFaaS - Serverless Functions Made Simple Github Stars
3 Kubeless Kubernetes Native Serverless Framework Github Stars
4 Fission Fast and Simple Serverless Functions for Kubernetes Github Stars
5 Nuclio High-Performance Serverless event and data processing platform Github Stars

Artificial Intelligence

Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 k8sgpt Giving Kubernetes SRE superpowers to everyone Github Stars
2 kubectl-ai Kubectl plugin for OpenAI GPT Github Stars
3 kopilot Your AI Kubernetes Expert Github Stars
4 kopylot An AI-Powered assistant for Kubernetes developers Github Stars
5 aiac Artificial Intelligence K8s manifest and package generator Github Stars
6 mico An AI assisted kubectl helper Github Stars
7 kserve Standardized Serverless ML Inference Platform on Kubernets Github Stars
8 kubectl-assistant This tool uses OpenAI’s GPT3 API to generate Kubernetes kubectl commands to run against a cluster Github Stars
9 HolmesGPT The only DevOps assistant that solves alerts like a human does - by looking at alerts and fetching missing data repeatedly until the alert can be solved Github Stars


Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 kube-fledged A kubernetes operator for creating and managing a cache of container images directly on the cluster worker nodes Github Stars
2 kubernetes-image-puller It is used for caching images on a cluster. It creates a DaemonSet downloading and running the relevant container images on each node. Github Stars
3 Tugger Kubernetes Admission Webhook to enforce pulling of Docker images from the private registry. Github Stars
4 kube-image-keeper (kuik) kuik is a container image caching system for Kubernetes Github Stars
5 harbor A trusted cloud native registry project that stores,caches, signs, and scans content. Github Stars
6 kuik kuik is a container image caching system for Kubernetes Github Stars


Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 Go Client for Kubernetes Official Golang client library for kubernetes Github Stars
2 Python Client for Kubernetes Official Python client library for kubernetes Github Stars
3 Java Client for Kubernetes Official Java client library for kubernetes Github Stars
4 Javascript Client for Kubernetes Official Javascript client library for kubernetes Github Stars
5 csharp Client for Kubernetes Official dotnet client library for kubernetes Github Stars
6 Dapr Dapr is a portable, event-driven, runtime for building distributed applications across cloud and edge Github Stars
7 DevPod client-only tool to create reproducible developer environments based on a devcontainer.json on any backend Github Stars


Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 kube-fencing cleaning resources from the failed nodes that’s blocks any further operation and recovery Github Stars
2 k8s-cleaner Cleaner is a Kubernetes controller that helps you maintain a clean and efficient Kubernetes environment by proactively identifying, removing, or updating stale resources GitHub Stars
3 CRI-Purge CRI Purge - Cleanup of Cached Kubernetes CRI Images Github Stars
4 Pred8tor Pred8tor is a simple tool to clean up K8s objects that were tagged for expiration Github Stars


Sr No Tool Name Description with URL GitHub Popularity
1 Rudr A Kubernetes implementation of the Open Application Model specification Github Stars
2 Keel Kubernetes Operator to automate Helm, DaemonSet, StatefulSet & Deployment updates -
3 Cabin, the mobile app for Kubernetes - The Mobile Dashboard for Kubernetes Github Stars
4 Funktion CLI tool for working with funktion Github Stars
5 Alterant A simple Kubernetes configuration modifier Github Stars
6 BUCK Brigade Universal Controller for Kubernetes Github Stars
7 kube-fledged A kubernetes add-on for creating and managing a cache of container images directly on the cluster worker nodes, so application pods start almost instantly Github Stars
8 kpt toolkit to help you manage, manipulate, customize, and apply Kubernetes Resource configuration Github Stars
9 capsule Capsule helps to implement a multi-tenancy and policy-based environment in your Kubernetes cluster Github Stars
10 KubeSlice KubeSlice enables Kubernetes pods and services to communicate seamlessly across clusters, clouds, edges, and data centers by creating logical application boundaries known as Slices Github Stars
11 routernetes Use Kubernetes to make a home router! Github Stars
12 Symbiosis Symbiosis is a cloud service provider optimized for Kubernetes. Launch clusters in <2 min with better tools and lower costs -
13 Projectsveltos Kubernetes add-on controller for hundreds of clusters that automatically discovers and classifies clusters, making it easy to manage add-ons at scale Github Stars
14 MayFly Mayfly is a Kubernetes operator that enables you to create temporary resources on the cluster that will expire after a certain period of time GitHub Stars
15 yupd Yupd is a command-line tool that allows updating YAML files the GitOps way GitHub Stars
16 kube-job Run one off job on kubernetes from the command line tool Github Stars
17 paster This program base64 encodes a file, then pastes chunks it into an activated window using ‘Ctrl+V’ in the pod -
18 Mirror A Kubernetes ConfigMap and Secrets reflector with a strong emphasis on security and performance Github Stars


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