Kubernetes Cluster on AWS using Kops running on Docker for Mac


brew update && brew install kops

Adding Access & Secret Key

aws configure

This will store your credential under ~/.aws/credentials


Create a AWS Bucket

[Captains-Bay]🚩 >  baws s3api create-bucket --bucket ${bucket_name} --region us-east-1
    "Location": "/collabstore"


aws s3api put-bucket-versioning --bucket ${bucket_name} --versioning-configuration Status=Enabled

Configure DNS Name

 aws route53 create-hosted-zone --name collabnix.com --caller-reference 2
export KOPS_CLUSTER_NAME=ajeet.k8s.local

Export Cluster Name

export KOPS_CLUSTER_NAME=ajeet.k8s.local

Exporting Kops State Store

[Captains-Bay]🚩 >  export KOPS_STATE_STORE=s3://${bucket_name}
[Captains-Bay]🚩 >  kops create cluster \
> --node-count=2 \
> --node-size=t2.medium \
> --zones=us-east-1a \

Must specify --yes to apply changes

Cluster configuration has been created.

 * list clusters with: kops get cluster
 * edit this cluster with: kops edit cluster k8.aws.dev.collabnix.com
 * edit your node instance group: kops edit ig --name=ajeet.k8s.local nodes
 * edit your master instance group: kops edit ig --name=ajeet.k8s.local master-us-east-1a

Finally configure your cluster with: kops update cluster ajeet.k8s.local --yes

[Captains-Bay]🚩 >
[Captains-Bay]🚩 >  kops get cluster
ajeet.k8s.local	aws	us-east-1a
[Captains-Bay]🚩 >

Deploy Kubernetes

kops update cluster --name ${KOPS_CLUSTER_NAME} --yes
kops get cluster
ajeet.k8s.local	aws	us-east-1a

[Captains-Bay]🚩 >  kops update cluster --name ${KOPS_CLUSTER_NAME} --yes
I0531 07:01:41.613598    1366 apply_cluster.go:456] Gossip DNS: skipping DNS validation
I0531 07:01:44.786395    1366 executor.go:91] Tasks: 0 done / 77 total; 30 can run
I0531 07:01:46.893202    1366 executor.go:91] Tasks: 30 done / 77 total; 24 can run
I0531 07:01:49.007022    1366 executor.go:91] Tasks: 54 done / 77 total; 19 can run
I0531 07:01:51.649219    1366 executor.go:91] Tasks: 73 done / 77 total; 3 can run
I0531 07:01:53.079596    1366 executor.go:91] Tasks: 76 done / 77 total; 1 can run
I0531 07:01:53.440746    1366 executor.go:91] Tasks: 77 done / 77 total; 0 can run
I0531 07:01:54.102339    1366 update_cluster.go:291] Exporting kubecfg for cluster
kops has set your kubectl context to ajeet.k8s.local

Cluster changes have been applied to the cloud.

Changes may require instances to restart: kops rolling-update cluster

[Captains-Bay]🚩 >

Now you can see K8s cluster under Context UI.

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