DockerTools - Curated List of Docker Tools

Dockertools was built with a purpose. It is being used by Collabnix Slack community internally to target the most popular tools and technique and coming up with the best practices around these tools.

Image Slim

DockerSlim - Minify and Secure Docker containers
Minicon - Minimization of the filesystem for containers
Watchtower - A process for automating Docker container base image updates

Image Build tools/kit

BuildKit - Toolkit for converting source code to build artifacts in an efficient, expressive and repeatable manner
Dive - Tool for exploring each layer in a docker image

Image Security

Clair - Vulnerability Static Analysis for Containers
Aqua Security’s MicroScanner - Scan your container images for package vulnerabilities with Aqua Security
DeepSource - Static Analysis for DockerFiles

Container Management

Portainer - Making Docker management easy.


Libnetwork - Docker libnetwork plugin for Calico
Libnetwork - networking for containers


Orbiter - Autoscaler for Docker Swarm


Last Updated: Feb 2021