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👉 A Curated List of Docker Extensions

Docker Extensions lets you use third-party tools within Docker Desktop to extend its functionality.

🙋 Why Developers Need Docker Extensions

Refer to this official link to learn more about Docker Extensions.

✔️ Submit your Docker Extensions

Here is a list of Docker extensions curated by the Collabnix community members.

Table of Contents




Container Management and Orchestration










How to install Docker Extensions

Using GitHub

Step 1. Clone the repository

 git clone<repo-name>/<name-of-your-extension>

Step 2. Build the Docker Extension

Navigate into the cloned repository and run:

 make build-extension

The above command generates a Docker image named after the Docker Hub repository.

Step 3. Install Docker Extensions

To install the extension in Docker Desktop, run:

 docker extension install <repo-name>/<name-of-your-extension>

Step 4. List the Extension

You can also check that the extension has been installed successfully using the following CLI command:

 docker extension ls

Using Docker Hub

Step 1. Pull the image

 docker pull <Docker-Hub-username>/<image-name>

Step 2. Install Docker Extensions

To install the extension in Docker Desktop, run:

 docker extension install <Docker-Hub-username>/<image-name>

📹 Videos

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💬 Support and Community

If you do get enough interest to build a Docker Extension, the team at Docker is available to support you. You can find us in the Docker Community Slack in #extensions, post issues on our SDK repo, or reach us via email extensions(AT)


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